International Association for Economic Development
How to join the Association

Procedure of joining

01 /07
Familiarize yourself with documents
Familiarize yourself with «Articles of Association» and « Regulations on Membership and Membership Fees».
02 /07
Complete an application form
Download the "Membership Application" on the website of the Association, print the Application, fill it in and sign.
03 /07
Send a copy
Send a copy of the "Membership Application" with all the necessary documentation (listed in the "Membership Application") to the mail of the Association
04 /07
Fill in an organization questionnaire
Fill in an "Organization Questionnaire" on the website and send the data for verification.
05 /07
Wait for the decision
The decision of admission to the Association shall be made no later than 30 days from the date the Association receives a complete set of documents.
06 /07
Pay your membership fee
Once a candidate is approved at the general meeting of the Association Board, a membership fee should be paid to the Association.
07 /07
Get a certificate
After paying a membership fee, a new member of the Association receives a "Certificate of Membership"
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