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The development of the partner apparatus is one of the strategic objectives of the Association. We are increasing partner collaborations in the areas of activity of departments and within each department in order to open up new opportunities and prospects for members and partners of the Association in areas of mutual interest: transport, energy, healthcare, industry, intellectual property, information technology and digital economy, entrepreneurship development, including small and medium-sized businesses, regional economic integration.
Association Partners

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Embassy of Grenada in the Russian Federation
The Embassy of Grenada in Moscow is the diplomatic mission that represents Grenada in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, protecting the interests of Grenada and its citizens.
Settlement of disputes through Mediarbitration. An alternative procedure for resolving commercial disputes.
NetElement (NASDAQ:NETE) is an international group of companies specializing in mobile payments and transactional services with additional services for customers.
A transcontinental logistics company with many years of experience. The company is licensed by the United States Federal Maritime Commission to deliver goods from the United States.
Anton Storchak
Vice President of the Investment Department of RDIF. Responsible for initiating trades, structuring and executing transactions.
Russian-Israeli Business Council
The Russian-Israeli Business Council is a non-profit organization created to exchange information between the business communities of Russia and Israel.
OOO APK Agriculture
In 2016, PayOnline entered the TOP-5 payment gateways in Russia according to the Tagline analytical agency and according to the results of the rating "Internet Acquiring Rank 2016" of Markswebb Rank & Report.
Moscow Bar Association
Founded in 1997, the Moscow Bar Association No. 1 has been operating since the entry into force of the Federal Law "On advocacy and the legal profession in the Russian Federation".
Caribbean community and contributes to international dialogue
The Fund's financial resources are directed to the implementation of projects for the transfer of advanced industrial technologies, which have a systemic effect on the development of the Russian economy
Russian-Caribbean Friendship Association
The Russian-Caribbean Friendship Association was created for cultural and business cooperation between citizens of Russia and the countries of the Caribbean community and contributes to international dialogue International Fund for Technological Development
V-tell group of companies
RRCC business club

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