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Grenada - the gold standard for citizenship investment

Grenada - the gold standard for citizenship investment

The head of CBI programs at the International Association for Economic Development, ahead of the international overseas property and investment show, explained why Grenada is currently considered one of the world's most attractive destinations for overseas investment programs.

Grenada is a picturesque and economically advanced English-speaking island state in the Caribbean.

Grenada was ranked first in the CBI World in Best Citizenships investment program in 2020 and is considered the gold standard in the industry.

The benefits of Grenada citizenship:

Freedom of movement

  • 180 countries all over the world

  • Free entry to the UK and the ability to live there for 180 consecutive days. Ability to enter during a pandemic.

  • Schengen

  • China, Singapore

  • Australia, New Zealand (electronic visa)

  • USA (touristic visa for 10 years)

Protecting business and personal assets

  • Favorable tax jurisdiction - no foreign source income tax, no capital gains or inheritance tax.

  • Advantageous conditions for starting and running a business

  • Account opening

  • Registration of assets for another nationality

Exit on an E-2 US visa (non-immigrant US investor visa)

  • Grenada is the only Caribbean country offering citizenship through investment whose nationals are eligible for an E2 visa

  • Optimal strategy for relocating and starting a business in the US, relocating without a Green Card

  • Opportunity to work in the US for spouse and children

  • Ability to extend visa and status an unlimited number of times

  • The possibility of further conversion to a Green Card if the company reaches certain milestones

  • The E-2 visa does not oblige the investor to pay US taxes on worldwide income unless the investor stays in the US for more than 6 months per year

Speed and confidentiality

  • The applicant does not need to visit or live in Grenada

  • It takes 3-6 months to obtain Grenadian citizenship

  • Completely digital procedure

  • Convenient renewal - a Grenada passport is valid for 5 years and can be renewed at a Grenada consulate

Second citizenship with the right to inherit

  • Citizenship is for life for the investor and those included in the application, and is inherited from generation to generation

Large family

  • All family members can be joined in one application

  • Grenada is the only investment program that allows siblings to join as eligible dependents

International education for children

  • The possibility of travelling to and/or from children

  • Grenada is home to the prestigious Saint George's International University

The Brief Facts:

- 3,800 students and around 400 teachers

- medical profile

- one in every 100 doctors in the US is a graduate

- there are business and IT departments

- training quota for nationals

- famous alumni include surgical pioneers John Hunter and Edward Jenner, who created the first vaccine used to eradicate smallpox.

The Embassy of Grenada in the Russian Federation (International Association for Economic Development) offers several ways to obtain Grenada citizenship:

Method 1: Donation to the Grenada State NTF: To obtain Grenadian Citizenship, the applicant need only make an investment in the Grenada State NTF. These investments are non-refundable.

  • The minimum investment per applicant is $150,000 thousand

Method 2: Business involvement in the hotel business:

When investing in a hotel business, applicants can recover their investment after 5 years while remaining a Grenadian citizen.

  • The minimum investment in a hotel business is $220,000 thousand, so the applicant becomes an equity owner.

For more information and advice from our experts, please visit or take part in the international real estate exhibition MPIRES at the Expo Centre, Moscow, on 29-30 October.

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