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Moscow Bar Association No. 1

Reliable Protection

We solve your problems, keep your business running steadily, help every client in the most complex and confusing situation. We guarantee full compliance with global service standards, which makes us one of the strongest players in the domestic legal market.

Chairman of the Board – Dmitry Krasnov


High professionalism

we are always ready to prove ourselves in action


we solve problems of client 24/7 — no holidays and no weekends


having been in the market for many years, we know how to avoid mistakes


a good lawyer does the right thing for his client's interests

Personalised approach

No templates or stereotypes: every situation is unique, so we will dig into all aspects of it.

Detailed Information

We will analyze your specific case and provide you with comprehensive data for the solution allowing you to make the right choice.

Full Privacy

Anything you say to our lawyers will never leave the Bar: we are 100% confident in our staff.

We Work Worldwide

We are ready to protect your interests both in Russia and abroad, and to provide legal support to our partners from other states.

For Civilians

The most common areas of need for professional legal services are civil, employment, family law and administrative law.

  • Criminal lawyer
  • Housing disputes
  • Customs disputes
  • Labour lawyer
  • Family lawyer
  • Copyright protection
  • Car accidents, traffic lawyer
  • Debt recovery lawyer
  • Inheritance lawyer
  • Consumer protection
  • Property division lawyer
  • Insurance disputes
  • Personal lawyer
  • Land disputes of individuals
  • Polygraphologist

For Legal Entities

Whichever legal area the problem arises in, its additional characteristics will be the volume and complexity of the case.

  • Corporate disputes
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Licensing and certification
  • Arbitration lawyer
  • Securities
  • Polygraphologist
  • Tax lawyer
  • Police and tax inspections
  • Bankruptcy
  • Economic crime lawyer
  • Tax crime lawyer
  • Antitrust lawyer
  • Protection of goodwill
  • Real estate
  • Company registration
  • Corporate reorganisation and liquidation
  • Land disputes of legal entities

Depending on these parameters, you will need different forms of legal assistance ranging from advice to comprehensive services, and right up to supervision in enforcement proceedings.

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