International Association for Economic Development

Department of Medicine and Innovative Technologies in Healthcare

Industry executive authority.

The department's activities are aimed at creating and implementing international initiatives, interactions at the governmental and intergovernmental levels, between medical, scientific organizations, and professional communities, between buyers and suppliers of medical goods and services.

Developing export/import of medical products.

Attracting investments, engaging experts, selling technologies, involving researchers, and developing intellectual capital in healthcare.

Primary areas of activities of the Department of Medicine and Innovative Technologies in Healthcare:

— Developing and implementing innovative technologies in healthcare.

— Exporting/importing pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, immunobiological drugs, biologically active dietary supplements.

— Exporting/importing medical equipment, consumables.

— Exporting/importing medical devices and personal protective equipment.

— Information technology in healthcare

Further capabilities:

— Involving leading Russian and world healthcare specialists for targeted informing of potential customers, making an expert evaluation of announced projects, and in order to promote and share positive experience in healthcare.

— Organizing and holding scientific forums, conferences, meetings of expert panels on the most pressing issues and problems in healthcare.

— Planning and conducting pre-licensure studies, post-marketing clinical studies.

— Preparing and making license packs.

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